MST3K: Bloodlust!

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Bloodlust! is the classic tale of teens undone by the follies of a clam bake.

It’s the mostly dangerous game! Four certifiably groovy youngsters stumble onto a private island and get themselves trapped in a manner of minutes. Luckily, the old steward of the island is there to rescue them, but there’s a catch, a very “I’m going to hunt you all for sport” catch. Take this as a note to turn down free lodgings from someone with a private island and human bones in his breakfast nook. Although, admittedly, it still beats a Motel 6.

Will the teens make it out alive? Will their bones really feng shui the downstairs living room? Will those clams ever be baked?

Discover the answers with Mike, Servo, and Crow as they get boiled for Bloodlust!

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Release Date

March 13, 2017


90 minutes



Episode: 607