MST3K: Fugitive Alien

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Be-blonde-wigged soldier Ken (Ken? KEN?!) refuses to commit adorable-child murder. This doesn’t sit well with his comrade, Ken.They struggle. Ken shoots Ken. Which Ken kills the other Ken? Tune in and see! ¡Olé!

Now officially a Fugitive Alien, Ken escapes in a spaceship that is NOT an X-Wing, only to be abducted by another ship that is certainly NOT the Millennium Falcon. Beer-swilling Captain Joe of the Bacchus 3 takes pity on Ken and forces him into indentured servitude.

There’s star-crossed love and murder plots! Action, revenge, blonde wigs by the hundreds! Someone tries to kill someone with a forklift. Who? Doesn’t matter! ¡Olé!

Join Joel, Ken, Servo, Crow, and Ken as they tune into this week’s episode of Fugitive Alien! ¡Olé!

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Release Date

December 12, 2016


90 minutes


Episode: 310