MST3K: The Lost Continent

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A top-secret test missile crashes on a tiny island (not a continent) somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Unfortunately it’s the wrong Island, so Gilligan and his friends are not killed.

A team of scientists and a freelance comic relief character must find it. This means rock climbing. And rock climbing. In addition, there’s rock climbing. After a certain amount of rock climbing, the crew discover a lost valley (again, not in any way a continent) jam-packed with menacing dinosaur footage and deadly special effects.

Starring Ubiquitous TV Dad Hugh Beaumont, former TV Batman Villain Cesar Romero, searing white-hot All-Man Sex Machine Whit Bissell, and the Adam Sandler of his day, Sid Melton. Did we mention there’s rock climbing? Well, there’s rock climbing.

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Release Date

March 21, 2016


90 minutes



Episode: 208